Homaticz is a leading exponent of smart home technology, and it’s here to make your life easier and more convenient. Control your homes’ lighting, entertainment, security and more from the comfort of your couch… or from thousands of kilometres away!


Whether you’re at work or on vacation

Homaticz will alert you to the goings on within your home, and security systems will provide critical information and services in an emergency. As an example, imagine there is a late-night fire in the home while the occupants are sleeping, not only would the resident be woken with a fire alarm, Homaticz could be configured to unlock doors, dial emergency services and light a path to safety.


Easily adapt elements of your home to suit your lifestyle


Request up-to-date information on things such as the weather, news, TV programming or your prepaid electricity status, to mention just a few


Control the climate settings throughout the home, remotely switch on electric blankets in Winter, or cool living areas in Summer


Personalize your lighting settings throughout the home to create the desired atmosphere.

Audio and Visual

Media settings can be configured throughout the home at the same time – allow the kids to watch TV in the bedrooms while you listen to music on the patio

Energy Efficiency

Homaticz drives energy efficiency, set devices to reduced levels of functionality when not in use

Utility Bill Reduction

Electricity bills go down as lights are automatically turned off in empty rooms

Intelligent Climate Control

Rooms can be heated or cooled based on who’s using them at any given moment.


Homaticz can be configured to control multiple aspect of your home security systems:

Fail safe systems

Homaticz features a back up battery system and 3g connectivity to maintain communication to emergency services even when there is no power supply

Built in Alarm

Homaticz features a built-in alarm system to supplement existing security systems within the home


Stream footage of surveillance camera’s around the home from wherever you are in the world

Our Application

Legible buttons, logical presentation of information and structured sub-menu’s make navigation through the SecQure/Homaticz app completely intuitive. Changing your home setting will become second nature in no time!

Customize the app to suit your needs on the fly. Add or remove functions as your Smart home requirements demand. The SecQre/Homaticz app is designed to provide the information you want, where you want it.

The SecQre/Homaticz app is designed to work on both Android and Apple platforms. Install the app onto your preferred communication device and manage your Smart home from wherever you are and at whatever time suits you.